Sunnyside Trail

In Fairbanks, nothing is better than going to the sunny side, especially on short winter days.  In 2016 we teamed up with the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks to create the Sunnyside Trail based on a 1990s design by John Estle.  The south side of Birch Hill offers a hundred-mile view across the Tanana Valley and full-tilt exposure to the bright orb as it flits across the southern horizon.  As an added bonus, the trail connects to the ski lodge at the bottom of the Fort Wainwright ski hill and to the Sonot Connector, offering a loop option back to the Birch Hill stadium.  Special thanks to Bruce Jamieson of the Nordic Ski Club, and Happy Trails crew members Luke Underwood, Mark Underwood, Johnna Underwood, Vance Underwood, Kevin Brune, Bill Husby, and Ken Coe.