Hillside Singletrack “STA” Trails

In 2008 Janice Tower and the dirt-loving riders of Singletrack Advocates were tired of everyone else getting all the good trails. As mountain bikers usually do, they attacked the problem with energy and tenacity. Janice called Happy Trails to design, lay out and build the trails. STA volunteers logged hundreds of hours hand finishing it. We got help from Troy Duffin of Alpine Trails in Park City, Utah, Jillian Morrissey of Alaska Trails, Lisa Holzapfel at National Park Service RTCA, Bill Spencer, Kevin Klinefelter and many others. The result is the first mountain bike trail system in Alaska, 7.3 miles of intermediate and advanced level singletrack.

This trail lives in Far North Bicentennial Park in Anchorage, where the glacier dropped soil willy-nilly at the end of the Ice Age, forming a bewildering complex of ravines and ridges to nowhere. This was a perfect environment for a mountain bike trail that gyrates like a road-killed rattler yet is sustainable, stable and lies lightly on the hillside.