Anton Sharatin Trail

Even in Alaska, Kodiak Island has an exotic appeal. Remote and rugged, yet abounding in natural resources, it has attracted many people over the years, from the original native inhabitants, to waves of Russians, Americans, Scandinavians, and Pacific Islanders. Today all of those groups add their flavor to a unique small-town cultural mélange.

Happy Trails was hired by Island Trails Network to design and construct the Anton Sharatin Trail, a three-mile multi-purpose trail at the end of An
ton Larson Bay Road. With its heavy rainfall and poor soils, Kodiak poses some interesting challenges. The original trail was an eroded mess. We used excavators to create a new trail tread, which ITN covered with GeoBlock, a system of interlocking plastic grid panels which distributes weight and preserves the integrity of the trail tread.

This trail project was lead by Andy Schroeder of Island Trails Network, with funding from the National Resource Conservation Service.