Birch Hill Ski and Mountain Bike Trails

For many years Fairbanksans have enjoyed the top-notch ski trails at Birch Hill and Fort Wainwright. Happy Trails was delighted to have the opportunity to add some excellent pieces to this trail, creating the 1.2 mile Sonot Connector and the Chinook and Blackhawk classic ski/mountain bike trails. The Sonot Connector will greatly improve the course for the annual Sonot Kkaazoot, making it more safe and sane. Trail users are asked to carry ID with them since these trails are located on Fort Wainwright. Happy Trails Inc. thanks John Estle, Geoff Orth, Bruce Jamieson, Kurt Karns, Ted Alder and CCI Solutions, Jeff Skeels, Nathan Damario, Scott Krueger, Zane and Cole Kraetsch, Mark, Luke, and Johnna Underwood, and many others for their help on this project.

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