Hillside Downhill Trails

Happy Trails, Inc. was very pleased to team up with Single Track Advocates and Gravity Logic  to create the Hillside Downhill Trails in 2018.  Modeled after the world-famous downhill trails in Whistler, BC, these trails run the gamut from Intermediate to Expert terrain, offering a new experience to Alaska mountain bikers.  Rhythm sections, large jumps and berms, a boulder wall turn, and a 72-foot wooden ramp feature all add up to non-stop fun.  Special thanks to Lee Bolling, Cody Gauer, and Janice Tower of STA, Tom Pro of  Gravity Logic, Happy Trails Crew Members Vance Underwood, Mark Underwood, Johnna Underwood, Ryan Greeff, Kevin Murphy, as well as Kelsey Barnum and hundreds of STA volunteers and contributors.