Compeau Trail

Built in the Chena River Recreation area in 2006, the Compeau Trail was designed, laid out and built according to the best modern standards for sustainability. Starting at 30 mile Chena Hot Springs Road, the trail winds 18 miles to the Colorado Creek Cabin. This trail offers fabulous opportunities for ATV riders, mountain bikers, hunters, equestrians and hikers.

Following the terrain, the Compeau integrates water/erosion control, sustainable grades and alignment, and durable tread with the beauty of a line that flows with natural contours.

Happy Trails, Inc. had the privelege to build the first 12 miles and last 3 miles of the Compeau Trail.

June 2007 compeau trail 013

The Compeau Trail was conceived with ATV users in mind. Design specifications mandated an 8 foot tread width


Design and layout  by Mike Shields.

Design and layout  by Mike Shields.